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1- VIOLATION OF THE RIGHT TO LIFE: (Turkish Constitution art.15 / 2, 17/1, ECHR art.2, UDHR art.3, ICCPR art.6, CFR art.2)

Cancer Patient Retired Police Died in Prison

Ahmet Kaplan, a retired police officer who has been detained in Iskenderun Prison for 4 years as part of the Hizmet Movement investigations, died.Ahmet Kaplan was a cancer patient. Although he had requested his release several times, his petitions were rejected each time.

Deputy and human rights activist Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu expressed his reaction to this incident on social media with the following words: “He was released from prison in a coffin, I just told the Minister of Justice Abdülhamit Gül about the prison murders at the Turkish Grand National Assembly, shame.

Cancer Patient Gülhan ÇOLAKOĞLU Died Because Her Treatment Was Not Allowed 

Gülhan Çolakoğlu, who was a chemistry teacher in private teaching institutions closed by a decree, was sentenced to 6 years and 3 months in prison and banned from leaving the country. Immediately after her husband’s imprisonment, her illness emerged. After the diagnosis, Gülhan Çolakoğlu started the chemotherapy process and had 4-5 surgeries. 70 percent of her liver and entire adrenal gland were removed.

Unfortunately, Gülhan Çolakoğlu, who was prevented from treatment in Germany, passed away. Çolakoğlu’s husband is still in prison and the two children are now both mother and fatherless.


Strangled To Death Out Of Jealousy

Turkey is a party to The Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, better known as the Istanbul Convention. But violence doesn’t stop against women in Turkey.

It stands out that the rate of crime against women has increased especially after the government’s Amnesty Law last year. Tuba TOKBAŞ was strangled by her boyfriend ERAY HAKVER on the pretext of jealousy.

Killed His Wife With Shotgun

Mehmet P. (70), who had a suspension order, shot and killed his wife Emine P. (73), after coming home and argued with.

Women’s rights associations stated that the measures taken in murdering women were not sufficient. In particular, suspensions are neither protective nor considered enforceable.

3-VIOLATION OF THE RIGHT TO LIBERTY AND SECURITY: (Turkish Constitution Art. 19; ECHR Art.5; UDHR Art. 3)

Attack on Uyghur Turk in Front of His Home in Istanbul 

Yusufcan Emet, who was previously known for allegedly rejecting the spy offer of China, was attacked by unidentified people in front of his house in Avcılar district of Istanbul.

Emet has disclosed that he wasaskedto collect information about the Uyghurs living in Turkey and he was threatened with his family in East Turkistan. Emet is seriously injured and his treatment continues in Bakırköy Training and Research Hospital.

Investigation Launched Against Social Media Users Reacting to Police Violence 

According to the incident that took place on November 7, 2018, in the Erbaa district of Tokat, a driver who was driving without a license and drunk was subjected to police violence when he did not obey the police’s stop warning. Many social media users expressed their reactions after the images of the event spread on social media.

Two years after the incident, individual investigations began against social media users who reacted. Member of Contemporary Lawyers Association (ÇHD) Att. Dinçer Çalım; He said the police had opened an investigation and identified the citizens without any complaint, and that hundreds of citizens were under threat of punishment for insulting the police. In the investigations opened, the police officers who battered the citizen take part in the trials as victims.

Citizen Expressing His Ideas Through Street Interview Was Arrested

İsmail Demirbaş, who participated in a street interview on a social media channel in the previous weeks, was detained after criticizing the government and the course of the country’s economy.

İsmail Demirbaş was released, but when he stated that he stands behind what he said, he was detained again and this time he was given a house arrest order.

One day after the verdict, Demirbaş went to the Courthouse to appeal the house arrest decision and was arrested and sent to Antalya E Type Prison. Meanwhile, the owner of the interviewing channel was called to testify because of another street interview video he published.

Revolutionary Party(Devrimci Parti) Member Kidnapped By the Police

Çağla Deniz Gündüz, a member of the Revolutionary Party, was kidnapped by the police in Kadıköy, İstanbul. Revolutionary Party Chairman Elif Torun announced that they learned that Çağla Deniz Gündüz is in the Vatan Head Police Office in İstanbul. She continues to be held for operations.

A 92% Severely Disabled Person Was Sentenced To 6 Years And 3 Months on The Grounds of A Member of A Criminal Organization.

Born as 96% physically disabled, Fatma Cömert was sentenced to 6 years and 3 months in prison by the Aydın 2nd High Criminal Court on the allegation of “membership in a terrorist organization”. 

Fatma Cömert, who could not use her hands and feet and needed a wheelchair, reacted to the punishment.

Speaking to a private media, Cömert said, “I am bedridden. My mother meets my every need. Why did they punish me ” she said.

Another victim of a crime against humanity is the KOÇ Family

Züleyha KOÇ, who has been arrested within the scope of the operations against the Hizmet Movement, is trying to hold on to life despite all the troubles she has experienced.

The Koç’s have a 100% disabled son and a myopathy daughter. Züleyha KOÇ’s husband has been in prison for 18 months. Züleyha KOÇ, who took care of her disabled children herself in the absence of her husband, is also in prison now. Züleyha KOÇ, who was diagnosed with a cyst in her brain lately, was also caught in the Corona in prison. Despite all this, her evacuation request was denied.


Booklets of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) Was Collected

The booklets “Arpalık Family Company”“Fund Deception in Severance Pay” and the book about the political side of the July 15 coup attempt, published institutionally by the CHP were confiscated by the decision of Nevşehir Criminal Magistrate “printing, distribution and sales ban”. After the decision, the police confiscated the books in the Nevşehir Provincial Directorate of the Party.


A Decision Made from The Constitutional Court Against All It’s Customs

The law that makes civilians, who participating in fatal, wounding, or unsolved murders on July 15, inviolable before the law found it in accordance with the Constitution.

With this decision, the Constitutional Court acted against the customs that have existed since its establishment. This decision of the Constitutional Court has also been criticized by large masses, especially lawyers and scholars, as the law has been the subject of controversy since the day it was enacted.

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